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    KÁRTYAPIAC 2017   2017. április 25-26., Budapest

Program in English

1 st day, 25 April  


2016 – 2017 Card trends

  • How has the world changed in the card market? What happened in the past one year? Industrial trends.
  • How do the consumers understand the different innovative solutions? Bye Bye Mobile Purse?
  • What are the most beloved card-not-present transaction solutions?
  • What are the obstacles of accepting and using card on a larger scale? What is the supported POS-program worth?
  • How did/do the international card societies change? How did the fees of card societies change and how did the change affect the profitability of the banks?
  • What challenges are waiting for the banks? What new participants are coming?
  • Online prepayment vs. card payment at a delivery person: what kind of card using habits are the most common ones? What are the consumers’ expectations?

Presenter: Nagy László Nándor , Economic Head Editor, Heti Válasz


PSD2, the mandates conferred on the European Banking Authority, and the implications for the payments market

  • Introduction to the European Banking Authority, its objectives, legal instruments and regulatory remit
  • The objectives of the PSD2, and the 11 mandates conferred on the EBA in support of the PSD2
  • The challenges the EBA is facing in developing these mandates

Presenter: Antonio Barzachki , Policy Expert, Consumer Protection, Financial innovation and Payments, European Banking Authority


Instant Payments: opportunities and challenges for PSPs

  • New business opportunities
  • Implementation issues
  • Integration models

Presenter: Dirk Brackenier , CEO, SIA Central Europe Zrt.

10.40 Coffee break



Presenter: Róbert Kiszely , Director of Professional Services, CAPSYS Informatikai Kft


NCR omnichannel software solutions in banking services and at PSD2

Presenter: Gábor Nagy, Account Executive,NCR Magyarország Kft.


Innovations that accelerate the transition to a cashless society

Presenter : Bence Sármay, értékesítési vezető, Ingenico Group


Circulation service market changes

  • Main domestic card market processes, developments, fraud
  • Regulation changes for inspiring circulation innovation and competition: instant payment, third party suppliers, account change, comparability of fees
  • How can the instant payment service be utilized, what services can be built on it? What roles can the banks and non-bank related participants play? The possibilities regarding complementary services.

Presenter: Takács Kristóf , Economic Analyzer , Magyar Nemzeti Bank

13.10 Lunch break


Round-talk session: PSD2: it is coming, and changing “everything”… or not everything?

  • How are the regulation changes are valued by the market participants, how are they affected?
  • Does it seem like an obligation or possibility to the participants? Is it good for us?
  • Where are they at the preparation process and what problems do they see, what pragmatical difficulties do they have to face with?
  • Do they carry out the developments amongst themselves or within partner connections?
  • What novelties, possibilities are brought by the new rules, systems?
  • What additional services are planned by the banks to be built on the system?
  • How much the appearance of new market participants is a threat, and how much the third parties’ appearance change the current situation?
  • What strategic, operational and business model changes can the new supplier forms’ appearance?
  • What can it be avoided for the banks to become public utility service? How are the customer relation system, the network of branches transformed?
  • Before the appearance of PSD2, more and more startup show up on the current market, after the initiation of PSD2, how easy will be to initiate new services?
  • How does NBH’s project aiming instant payment affect the Hungarian card market?
  • Can the debit card redeem the instant payment system?

Amongst discussion partners:

Koczka Dániel, General Manager, Digital Directory, MKB Bank Zrt.

Mezei László , Deputy CEO, Fizetési Forgalom Szakterület, Magyar Takarékszövetkezeti Bank Zrt.

Szathmári Gergő , Senior Product Manager, Residential Digital Channels, Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.


Prepaid cards

  • Will the prepaid card market boom?
  • Is there any need for prepaid cards besides the festivals?
  • Did any significant change happened in the world of prepaid cards since last year’s legal background change?
  • Prepaid cards’ role, situation, future on the market

Presenters: Tamás Laukó , Business Development and Project Manager, Festipay Zrt. & ZsoltRőfös-Horváth, Sales Director, Festipay Zrt.

15.50 Coffee break


In payment transactions, the competition of cards: instant payment

  • The Hungarian necessity of instant payment system – Why is it necessary? For whom is this system advantageous? Where does it mean competitive advantage?
  • How does the project affect the Hungarian card market?
  • How will it change the Hungarian financial culture, the shopping and user habits?
  • How do the banks prepare for it? What developments are necessary?
  • What possibilities does it open for the banks, why is the instant payment system is good? What can it be used for?


The instant transfer system and the debit card settlement

  • The current process of instant transfer system and debit card settlement – sameness and difference
  • The GIRO project aiming to establish the domestic card settlement – goals, results, experience
  • The initiation of debit card settlement in the instant payment system (one possible solution)
    • card number, as the secondarily invoice identification; changes in settlement; processes, changes in the tasks taking part in the settlement; development needs; operational needs, regulation tasks
  • Is a profitable business model possible?

Presenter: Braun Csaba , card expert


Trends and possibilities on credit card market

  • What trends are typical of the credit card market?
  • How did the credit card usage habits change?
  • When will the amount of credit cards stop decreasing?
  • Can the fixed term installment be a break out point for the drawers?

Presenter: Zoltán Lukácsi , Customer-and Product Marketing Branch Manager, Magyar   Cetelem  Bank Zrt.  

17.30 End of first day of the conference


2 nd day, 26 April


Domestic mobile payment – in social economy’s services mobile payment is not a vision, it is a part of the daily routine

  • Are youngsters preparing for using mobile payment? Phones in the hands, but what do they use it for?
  • On what fields can mobile payment be an absolute success and what is needed for it?
  • On Sharing Economy area mobile payment is part of the daily routine. On what fields do we use it day by day?
  • What service areas do domestic mobile payment supporting applications cover?
  • How does mobile affect plastic card usage?
  • Domestic Instant Payment starting in 2019, how does it affect the mobile payment industry?
  • How will the connection of Mobile payment and Bitcoin shape in the future?

Presenter: Gábor Pataki , Business Development Expert


Innovations and trends at digital payments

Presenter: Ede Kiss, Country Manager Hungary, VISA Europe


Innovative payment solutions

Presenter: Zoltán Török, Business Development Manager, Diebold Nixdorf

10.30 Coffee break


Granit Pay’s experience and „digital bank” solution

Presenter: Hegedüs Éva , Chairman-CEO, GRÁNIT Bank Zrt.


Smart phone banking: do we love it or are we afraid of it?

  • Challenges in bank mobile payment: technologies, trends vs. bank requirements
  • Innovation at K&H Bank
  • Spreading and communication of innovative solutions
  • Client education: believes and difficulties

Presenter: Gerstner Júlia, Senior Digital Channel Manager, K&H Group


MKB FinTech ProgramWhere are we at and where are we heading?

  • What do we mean by MKB fintech-ing? Collaboration and open innovation
  • FinTech Academy & FinTech Competition & FinTech Incubator trinity
  • MKB Incubator – The brooder and sand box of fintech
  • How does a fintech entrepreneur look like, like we see – introduction of 2 startup
  • How do we choose fintech companies from home?

Presenter: Pereczes János , General Manager, MKB Inkubátor Kft.

12.30 Lunch break


Card Acquiring market changes in Eastern-Europe

  • Possibilities and dangers in the fintech world – from an acquiring bank point of view
  • What triggers the merchants imagination?
  • How can we make profit in the strengthening competition? 
  • X-boarder merchant services – What is that?

Presenter: Bakonyi András, Group Product Manager –Card Acquiring, Raiffeisen Bank International AG


Fintech fizzle in the financial sphere – Together or against each other?

  • International and domestic overview – Trends, innovations
  • How will the relationship of fintech companies and banks work out? Is a partner relation imaginable?

Presenter: Németh Monika , CEO, FinTech Group Kft.


Round-talk session: The digital and fintech bomb has exploded

  • Everyone understands it differently!? What do we mean by digitalization?
  • How does the digitalization affect the world of debit cards and where is at now?
  • How is the relationship between fintech companies and banks? Fintech against banks or is a partner relation imaginable?
  • Bank digital strategies, multichannel solutions
  • Bank branch vs. digital solutions
  • How can the card live along by itself in a digital world?
  • Alternative payment world is preparing…. Debit card vs. new alternative payment solutions

Discussion partners:

Hegedüs Éva , Chariman-CEO, GRÁNIT Bank Zrt.

Imre Zsombor , Founder, CEE FinTech

representative of K&H Group

Kovács Larissza, Director, Digitális Ügyfélélmény Igazgatóság, MKB Bank Zrt.

Lukácsi Zoltán , Customer-and Product Marketing Branch Manager, Magyar   Cetelem  Bank Zrt.  

Szincsák Gyula , Senior Debit Card Product Manager, Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.

15.00 Coffee break


Conscious payment strategy – the fifth element: What factors can influence its online trading success?

  • According to market experience, the Hungarian online traders have identified 4 factors for themselves:
    • product, which is market compatible, and can be sold online
    • consumer friendly online surface
    • flexible delivery methods, satisfying unique needs
    • innovative , differentiating online communication
  • However these 4 factors do not ensure that interested parties become customers.
  • The modern consumer is influenced by several impulses every second. However s/he can be tempted – for a few minutes. In these few minutes, an instant and comfortable payment option has to be ensured beyond providing the right product – before having a different impulse, before becoming doubtful or changing his/her mind about the purchase.
  • The ratio of actual buyers can be increased by the strategy of ensuring target group customized instant payment methods – this factor is the fifth element.

Presenter: Al-Absi Gáber Seif , Deputy CEO, Branch Manager, OTP Mobil Kft.


Opening lecture and round-talk session: Do bank innovation have beneficial effect or is there no real costumer need for that? Trader and consumer needs regarding card payment.

  • What is the current market state, how much e-transaction is happening at the traders?
  • How much does the trader keep up with providing online payment possibilities?
  • What is important for a trader considering a payment service?
  • What kind and how many online payment methods are used by the trader?
  • What are the trader’s views, priorities in connection with initiating a service?
  • Mobile and one-click payment is a real need?

Key note speaker and moderator:

Deák András , Smart Commerce Division Director, Next Wave Europe Kft.

Discussion partners:

Kabarcz Balázs, Commercial Director, Decathlon Magyarország

Őri Gergely, General Manager, JátékNet.hu

Szokolay Zsolt, Business Development Director, Interticket Kft.

16.45 End of conference