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    KÁRTYAPIAC 2018  
A technológiai felkészülés és fejlesztések éve
2018. április 24-25., Budapest

Program in english

1.day, 24 April 2018. Tuesday

 How did the world of cards change and what kinds of challenges are expected?

9.00 Opening


The Hungarian debit card is 30 years old

  • What happened in the past 30 years on the domestic card market?
  • How did it change and where is the world heading regarding card payment?
  • Trade trends

Presenter: Homa Péter , szerkesztő, Bankkártya.hu és Fizessgyorsan.hu


An overall view about the current state of the card branch, furthermore the questions regarding PSD2 and instant payment project card usage

Presenter: Takács Kristóf, vezető közgazdasági elemző, Magyar Nemzeti Bank


Instant Payment

Előadó: SIA Central Europe Zrt. képviselője

10.40 Coffee break

 PSD2 – Preparations in the big finish


Tips for defeating the challenges of PSD2 and Instant Payment

Presenter: Kiszely Róbert,  Director of Professional Services, CAPSYS Informatikai Kft.


RTS +18

Presenter: Eölyüs Endre, Magyarországért és Szlovéniáért felelős igazgató, Mastercard


Strong customer authentication – principles and requirements

Presenter: Pávlicz György, információbiztonsági vezető, K&H Bank Zrt.


RegTech solutions building on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology

Presenter: Szalai Péter , Senior Manager, KPMG

13.10 Lunch


The expected impact of instant money transfer’s initiation on domestic card market

  • What impact does the initiation of instant payment have on the card market?
  • Is it expected that card owners will rather choose the instant money transfer instead of card payment?

Presenter: Giret Gergely , vezérigazgató, Magyar Kártya Zrt.


PSD2 Fraud

Presenter: Szebellédy Balázs,  tanácsadási vezető, CAPSYS Informatikai Kft.


Mastercard Installment

Presenter: Kovács Szabolcs, regionális termékértékesítési vezető,Mastercard


Introduction of Cetelem’s repayment service

  • How it works
  • Early experiences

Presenter: Lukácsi Zoltán, ügyfél- és termékmarketing üzletág vezető, Magyar Cetelem Bank Zrt.

16.00 Coffee break


A new type of card is debuting in Europe: the Bank of China Hungary UnionPay debit card

  • Bank of China Hungary
  • UnionPay card release in China and outside of it
  • The UnionPay debit card of Bank of China: similarities and differences compared to the different types of cards
    • Product characteristics
    • Process characteristics
  • Future plans

Presenter: Braun Csaba, Senior Card Manager, Banking Department, Bank of China CEE Headquarter, Bank of China (Hungary) Close Ltd.

The future of acceptor market


Roundtable-talk: What is expected on the acceptor side, how is it affected by the instant payment system initiation?

  • How does the instant payment affect the accepter market?
  • In which direction is the market moving? More and more banks are quitting… Who thinks it is worth staying on the card acceptor side?
  • What are the reasons of outsourcing or keeping in case of a bank?
  • On the commercial side, how can the instant payment work parallel the current card payment solutions? Will there be such POS terminal, which can handle all at once?
  • Does POS redeem mobile phones!?
  • Appearance of alternative payment solutions, tools

Discussion partners:

Bakonyi András, Card Acquiring Group Product Manager, Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Deák András, SmartCommerce Divízió Igazgató, Next Wave Europe Kft .

Lévai Tamás, termékfejlesztési senior manager, OTP Bank Nyrt.

17.30 End of first day


2. day, 25 April 2018. Wednesday

Innovative payment and digital solutions

9.00 Opening


How to sell banking products through ATM?

Presenter: Nagy Gábor, Account Executive, NCR Magyarország Kft.


Payment innovations

Presenter: Kiss Ede,  Country Manager Hungary, VISA Europe


Digital payments – innovation in 2018

Presenter : Szetnics László, regionális üzletfejlesztési vezető, Mastercard

10.40 Coffee break


Banking has a name. The story behind George and its parents

  • How to initiate digital transformation in a large organisation. The Erste Hub approach
  • Drive innovation throughout design and creativity
  • Look for a product experience

Presenter: Maurizio Poletto, MD, Head of Design,BeeOne GmbH, Erste Group


Biometric tools for expanded safety

Presenter: Németh Norbert, Account Service Manager, IDEMIA


Regulatory sandbox

Presenter: Fáykiss Péter, igazgató, Makroprudenciális Igazgatóság, Magyar Nemzeti Bank

12.40 Lunch


RBI international digitalization project and its fintech escalator program

Presenter: Bakonyi András, Card Acquiring Group Product Manager, Raiffeisen Bank International AG


Account opening from the couch: technology of bank video identification

Presenter: Gáborjáni Szabó Ákos , ügyvezető igazgató - informatikai, projekt-menedzsment és e-csatornák, GRÁNIT Bank Zrt.


Introduction and experience of K&H mobile wallet

Presenter: Fóti Gábor , főosztályvezető, Napi Pénzügyek / Termékmenedzsment, K&H Group

15.10 Coffee break


Blockchain in bank world

  • What can a bank use blockchain for?
  • Use cases

Presenter: Országh Örs, helyettes ügyvezető, Blockchain Competence Center


3 in 1 round table talk: Innovation, digitalization, customer experience

  • Where is the digitalization at and how does it affect the world of debit cards?
  • Banking digital strategies, multichannel solutions – What does each bank focus on and why did they choose that?
  • Achievements, current experience – Was it worth investing in millions, were these efforts worth it?
  • How do the financial services transform due to the spread of electronic solutions
  • How can the relationship of debit cards, mobile payment and cryptocurrency can transform?
  • Customer experience is becoming more vital – Innovative, secure solutions without damaging the customer experience! Can the debit card compete with the more and more innovative payment solutions in terms of customer experience?
  • How do the customers react to new possibilities, how much they trust the fintech firms? How do they know their ways around the provided services and that is the base of their choice?

Discussion partners:

Csákay Mátyás, informatikai vezető, MagNet Bank Zrt. 

Gáborjáni Szabó Ákos , informatikai, projekt-menedzsment és e-csatornák ügyvezető igazgatója, GRÁNIT Bank Zrt.

Séra András, Lakossági Digitális Csatornák, osztályvezető, Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.

16.45 End of conference